Articoli taggati con ‘gender equality in music education and professionalization’

Tafterjournal n. 119 - APRILE – MAGGIO 2022

Framing the socially invisible: a transdisciplinary gender analysis of two documentary films on jazz

di Clementina Casula e Marco Cosci

The article focusses on the analysis of two documentary films by Ramon Tort: A film about kids and music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band (2012) and Andrea Motis. The silent trumpet. A story about the suc-cess of simplicity (2018). The first film allows for an analysis of the Catalan jazz band as an agency of degendered socialization, teaching school-age boys and girls how to play jazz while being part of a group and building the self-confidence also allowing them to envisage a career as professional mu-sicians; the second film, on the launching of the international career of one of the previous ‘kids of the band’, shows the relation between socialization within the band and the successful breaking of the invisible barriers hampering women’s access and career-making within occupational fields still conceived as a male dominion – as in the case of jazz. The integration of standard tools of social re-search with an audiovisual methodology allows to identify the logic and dynamics of the cultural work framing a creative space, grounding both the educational and occupational experiences con-sidered and their documentation, where the relation between jazz and gender is articulated follow-ing egalitarian principles.

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