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Tafterjournal n. 102 - SETTEMBRE - OTTOBRE 2018

Three ideas for further reflection from ICCPR 2018

di Giulia Lasen

This article discusses some thought-provoking papers presented at the ICCPR2018. It looks first at the use of digital technologies in the art sector, with regard to data visualization and open data policies, identifying a huge untapped potential. Secondly, it opens up a space for reflection on the very notion of arts marketing both as a practice and as an academic field, proposing a renewed emphasis on audience enrichment. Finally, it takes into consideration the vexed question of defining cultural value presenting an exploratory research conducted in Australia using contingent value methodology to include also a measurement of cultural value among non-users.

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Culture and social welfare: thinking about the bolognaise context

di Lucia Sanna Bissani

The article supports the thesis that culture is a real development engine able to enhance our social welfare. If public entities, associations and private bodies will adopt a joint point of view, results will be tangible.

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Describe the role of collectors in the XXI century, in terms of effects on the art market, influence on artistic creation, diffusion and knowledge of artists and artworks

di Claire Michelizza

Collectors are different than donors who support the cultural production by giving money. Collectors are totally involved in the art market.

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Tafterjournal n. 69 - marzo 2014

The importance of being evaluated. Guidelines and tools to plan a worthy evaluation of cultural projects

di Alessia Palermo

Talking about culture production, we need to shift The importance of being Earnest in The importance of being evaluated. The longing of evaluation it is in fact, by now, intrinsic to any cultural project: sponsors, stakeholders, project managers are all aware of that; however, while the crucial relevance of evaluating is no more called into question, there are still many doubts concerning how an evaluation should be planned and fulfilled. The aim of this article is to give some simple, but practical and solid, guidelines to conceive a worthy analysis of cultural projects, of any kind.

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Tafterjournal n. 69 - marzo 2014

Analyzing the Network of the Italian Cultural Institute of Copenhagen. Reactions to the Farnesina Reform and Promotion of the Sistema Italia

di Giulia Gulotta

The Italian Cultural Institutes are not just pivotal elements of the Italian cultural diplomacy but also crucial tools to promote Italian culture and language. The Reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010) determined a reorganization of both the internal structure of the Ministry and the international network of offices. In turn, the IICs were asked for the first time to promote abroad the whole Sistema Italia, rather than just Italian culture and language. This paper aims at analysing the network of the Italian Cultural Institute of Copenhagen to understand which were the real effects, if any, of the Reform on the Institute’s operations.

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Tafterjournal n. 69 - marzo 2014

The value of culture. Neverending debates need views and tools

di Michele Trimarchi

Within the rich and complex vocabulary of culture the word value is certainly overused. It is always associated with culture, however we prefer to define it (which is already a challenging task). Even those who hate culture, since they fear it, say that it has no value. Even when conventional metaphors are adopted, describing the cultural galaxy with examples from the food system (it feeds, it must be preserved, it decays, it may lead to greedy action, etc.), the perception of its value is crucial. If we just observe the meaning that the debate gives to the concept of value as applied to culture we may find a few interesting views, often conventionally shared and accepted, able to reveal the eternal struggle between opposite factions: those who believe that culture is a ritual and hermetic realm where only the initiated have the right to speak (and to act), versus those who consider culture as normal as any other product, being therefore subject to simple economic norms and mechanisms. Exploring this controversial map, where culture is pulled and stretched to endorse much wider and visceral views, we discover that culture appears powerful in providing individuals (and sometimes communities) with some ethical strength.

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Tafterjournal n. 53 - novembre 2012

Is cultural diversity good or bad for the arts and creative economies?

di Stephanie N. Stallings

Within the span of two months, September and October 2012, four arts policy-related events problematized the connections between diversity, democracy, and cultural policy. Cultural diversity has often been a convenient target for those who see it as subverting universal values in a democracy or in the arts. This is because the more culturally diverse a society is the more difficult it is to assign specific cultural (aesthetic) value to a work of art. In a climate of limited public funding, the absence of clearly defined cultural value is a problem on both sides of the North Atlantic. The challenge facing arts policy-makers is to come up with innovative ways to “make the case” for cultural value in order to turn policy discussions away from a “values for money” debate toward “money for values.”

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