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Art of the Deal. Contemporary art in a global financial market

di Francesca Quadrelli

The book offers a complete picture of the art market and the growing connection between art and money, becoming an indispensable reading for all students, academics, professional players and passionate who want to know how the art market works.

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Theatre at auction! Making it live!

di Lorena Zanusso

July 2006: some advertisements invited interested people to take part in the public auction announced to sell the for too long a time dismissed Teatro Sociale of Gualtieri. The theatre is now becoming a benchmark in the domain, for the quality and the method.

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Describe the role of collectors in the XXI century, in terms of effects on the art market, influence on artistic creation, diffusion and knowledge of artists and artworks

di Claire Michelizza

Collectors are different than donors who support the cultural production by giving money. Collectors are totally involved in the art market.

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