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Tafterjournal n. 65 - novembre 2013

Is theatre efficiency affected by the legal form type? A case study of German public theatres

di Marta Zieba

The paper aims at exploring the economic efficiency of the performing arts organisations. A parametric stochastic frontier approach is presented as a way of measuring the performance of cultural institutions. In particular, this paper examines how the efficiency of publicly funded performing arts firms, operating under different organisational structures, is affected by two types of shocks. First, we consider what happens to efficiency when there is a funding shock and second, we consider the effect on efficiency of an increase in competition. The identification of these effects was made possible by the natural experiment of the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990. The results suggest that theatres organised under public law are more efficient than theatres organised under private law. However, when exposed to the exogenous demand shock after reunification, the theatres organised under private law react positively to this competition shock as measured by their efficiency scores confirming that they better react to the changing market conditions than theatres organised as public legal forms.

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Il pubblico del teatro sociale

di Marta Vimercati

“Oggi più che mai si ha bisogno di un Teatro” e non di un teatro qualsiasi ma di un teatro sociale. Questa sembra essere l’affermazione cardine da cui si sviluppa “Il pubblico del teatro sociale”, volume in cui la sapiente regia di Ivana Conte ha saputo concentrare manifestazioni ed esperienze teatrali legate a situazioni di disagio, raccontate da artisti, operatori, mediatori e registi.

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