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Tafterjournal n. 48 - giugno 2012

A practitioner’s viewpoint in integrated Place Branding: four principles and some thoughts

di Ares Kalandides

This article tries to bridge the gap between place branding theory and practice. It takes the viewpoint of the practitioner and juxtaposes recent literature with work experience. It focuses on four basic principles underpinning a consultant’s work in place branding: 1) Consultant and client should take time to agree on their understanding of place branding and on what they can expect from it; 2) the motivation behind place branding needs to be as transparent as possible; 3) consultant and client need to find a compromise between the need for fast visible results and a robust analysis that pays tribute to the complex and political nature of place; and 4) a place branding strategy needs the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders and the formation of strong partnerships.

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