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Tafterjournal n. 109 - FEBBRAIO - MARZO 2020

*UrbanSensing: listening to the digital city

di Giorgia Lupi

*UrbanSensing is a two year funded European Union project, it involves six European Partners, that all contribute their specific expertise and skills in the fields of the project. The project will bring a new product to the urban design, city planning and urban management market: a platform extracting patterns of use and citizens’ perceptions related or concerning city spaces, through robust analysis of User Generated Content (UGC) shared by the city users and inhabitants over social networks and digital media. The platform will allow to analyze users’ perceptions related to specific geographic areas and understand how population reacts to new urban policies within participatory mechanisms.

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Tafterjournal n. 76 - ottobre 2014

American Museums versus Italian Museums online: are they so dissimilar?

di Francesca De Gottardo e Valeria Gasparotti

Not unlike Italy, the cultural institutions of the United States are part of a prism returning different shades of quality in managing new digital tools. Let us take social media as an example for all: when asked to specify the issues they most frequently encountered in managing online communication, the American professionals gave answers amazingly similar to those of their Italian counterparts. What they pointed out were lack of time – often deriving from chronicle budget deficits to hire new staff, and low to non-existent digital awareness in their colleagues, making it difficult to manage the workflow efficiently in order to achieve better quality content.

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Tafterjournal n. 72 - giugno 2014

How African cultural festivals are using innovative methods to attract new audiences, fund and host sustainable festivals

di Mazuba Kapambwe

This paper will focus on trends within the management of African cultural festivals, particularly on aspects of attracting new audiences primarily through social media, new approaches to funding such as using crowd funding and original models of social and environmental sustainability such as the Maaya model for festivals and cultural events. This paper will use secondary research from credible sources such as the UNESCO 2013 Creative Report, African Festival Network (Afrifesnet) concept document, African Musical Festival Network and HIVOS.

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Tafterjournal n. 70 - aprile 2014

How web presence strategy can help museums to be a digital breeding ground for innovative communication

di Eugenia Morato

This article aims to understand if an efficient museums’ online presence can strategically impact on and improve their promotion and the way they are perceived by potential visitors. Visitors can engage and support a museum more if they feel like they had a part in providing feedback or have ownership in something because the feedback they gave was implemented. Through digital strategies, used as a bridge to get in touch with people from all over the world, cultural institutions can engage the audience in a deeper emotional way.

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Not all that connects is the Internet

di Simona Patrizi

The Internet and the empowerment coming from new technologies, such as social media, are more than appealing. It is engaging and almost unavoidable. The Internet is now crucial for the circulation, promotion, and engagement process for many art organisations. Nevertheless, one can argue that the reverse side of this highly participatory society ends up into the paradox when, as a result of the speed of information and input, to which we are daily exposed, we tend to passively react without really engaging with any cause or any interest.

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