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Tech and the city. Start up a New York un modello per l’Italia

di Francesca Quadrelli

Sfruttando le competenze distintive dell’economica newyorkese – finanza, moda, designer, pubblicità e media – la comunità hi tech ha trovato un terreno fertile per sviluppare nuovi modelli di business, in cui i giovani e le loro idee assumono un ruolo centrale.

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Tafterjournal n. 62 - agosto 2013

The importance of being innovative

di Vittoria Azzarita

The 21st century will be remembered as the century of creativity and innovation: from performing arts to manufacturing, from education to trade finance, all economic sectors – both conventional and unconventional – need to be creative and innovative in order to succeed in the current global market. Often considered synonymous, the terms creativity and innovation are actually two very different concepts. Creativity is indeed a phenomenon of hybrid nature, which consists of the generation starting from scratch of products, processes or pathways related to intuitive mechanisms not easily replicated by mere imitation; innovation is instead a incremental phenomenon, which contributes decisively to the increase in the quality and value of a certain productive activity pursuing a path already taken and adding to the technical and economic profiles. Not taking such a semantic difference into account, it is possible to identify the capability of developing new ideas in order to fill social gaps as the common shared value of creativity and innovation.

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