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Tafterjournal n. 71 - maggio 2014

What an effort “to enter out”! Closures and resistances in the cultural sector

di Elena Granata

“It might be easy for you, but you cannot imagine how difficult is for us to enter outside”. Few years ago, walking in the yards of Santa Maria Della Pietà, psychiatric hospital already closed, Thomas Lovanio, Franco Basaglia’s colleague, got these words from one of the guest of the hospital. He was referring to the difficulty of coming back into the city, a city that years ago had jailed and forgotten him. But now, just because someone have decided to close the psychiatric hospitals, this city has to absorb him again. The articles in this issue reminded me those words. How difficult is for our artistic and cultural system to shape open and innovative relations with the environment and the urban space, and to generate an innovative and transparent management. These difficulties are surely a limit to innovation and an obstacle to the cultural growth of our country. Urban studies have long observed that the most innovative systems are those capable of hybridizing different worlds.

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Tafterjournal n. 69 - marzo 2014

The importance of being evaluated. Guidelines and tools to plan a worthy evaluation of cultural projects

di Alessia Palermo

Talking about culture production, we need to shift The importance of being Earnest in The importance of being evaluated. The longing of evaluation it is in fact, by now, intrinsic to any cultural project: sponsors, stakeholders, project managers are all aware of that; however, while the crucial relevance of evaluating is no more called into question, there are still many doubts concerning how an evaluation should be planned and fulfilled. The aim of this article is to give some simple, but practical and solid, guidelines to conceive a worthy analysis of cultural projects, of any kind.

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Tafterjournal n. 67 - gennaio 2014

Development As A Network: A New Perspective To Evaluate Cultural Projects

di Donatella Saccone

The paper aims to show how and why network analysis turns to be a precious and complementary tool to evaluate cultural projects for local development. After reviewing the traditional project evaluation techniques, we first discuss how network analysis is able to map a series of aspects characterizing a cultural project and, especially, its sustainability. Second, we show the potentiality of this methodology by applying it to one of the 18 United Nations Joint Programmes in the area “Culture and Development”, implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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