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Tafterjournal n. 101 - LUGLIO - AGOSTO 2018

Towards more open information : digital media as moral, civic and multicultural environments

di Giacomo Buoncompagni

In the new information society ,living in a global space, ideas, technologies, people, products are intended to move from one place to another, but remaining interconnected within an ambient where cultures increasingly more dynamic contact What emerges now is the need to enhance the identity, the differences between individuals and this is only possible through the comparison and exchange with the other, as an opportunity for learning and of encounter. The development pervasive media influences and approaches our daily experience to the global world, understood as a space mediated, new, defined by relationships themselves, where they build the frames of our civilization. It is precisely starting from the social and moral responsibility to which the media are called in a multicultural democratic society which would constitute a responsible information and quality as a foundation of democracy and a common good.

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