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Tafterjournal n. 87 - MARZO APRILE 2016

Oro Dentro. Un archeologo in trincea: Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Medio Oriente [1]

di Francesca Quadrelli

As shown by the ISIS attacks to the ancient cultural sites of Palmyra and Nimrud in 2015, cultural heritage in the areas of crisis is still today in great danger. Different reasons can explain why it becomes a fair game during the periods of serious instability. If ideological aspects – that is the will of strike symbols and remove the historical memory of any previous religion, culture or civilization – are fundamental, we should not forget that antiquities are a relevant source of enrichment during the periods of war. So taking into account this peculiar aspect of vulnerability it seems to be clear that the answering to some fundamental questions cannot be delayed anymore. Could we protect cultural heritage in the area of crisis? If yes, how? And who should carry out this task? Fabio Maniscalco has had no doubt. Cultural Heritage must be protected also in the war areas. So who was Fabio Maniscalco? Laura Sudiro e Giovanni Rispoli, authors of “Oro Dentro”, tell us the extraordinary story of “an archaeologist in the trenches”, as they called him.

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