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Tafterjournal n. 111 - AGOSTO - SETTEMBRE 2020

Kunstmatrix: online platforms to support the art market

di Marta Colangelo

What are the real ef fects of this global crisis on art galleries and all of the art market players today? Is it prolonging their online activity by the use of platform and digital tools? What we were expecting was perhaps a normal resumption of offline activity and a slow abandonment of digital, but it’s not like that. Art companies that once were in competition with each other are beginning to create new f orms of collaboration. Digital platf orms are not seen as an enemy of the offline anymore. Indeed, many protagonists of the art industry are using them as engine tools to promote their offline activity and as a new path to have trasparency, amplify the knowledge of art and get new targets. This is confirmed by the Art Market Reports 2020 highlighting how challenges in the art market are often supported by technology. It’s not a coincidence that technology is always been a very versatile medium with a f luid and creative component that is able to raise awareness and amplify the perception of users. Online platforms are increasingly being used by artists, art galleries and auction houses as stagecraft solutions to create virtual exhibitions of their artworks. Kunstmatrix it’s a clear example of this digitalisation process. Kunstmatrix is an online platform, founded in Berlin in 2010 by the architect Crhistoph Lauterbach, that builds connections and publishes works of art in order to create 3d exhibition spaces to impress art lovers and collectors. It has grown exponentially during the lockdown and its targets have diversified and amplified: day by day, it increases its collaboration with artists, art galleries, art fair to support their activity. Even more, the company starts working with profiles and figures that it didn’t expect to reach, such as embassies, universities and schools. We decide to interview Christoph Lauterbach, co-founder and Ceo of Kunstmatrix, in order to know more about its current online dynamics and how it approaches with the art leaders.

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Innovation, Opportunity and Social Entrepreneurship

di Monika Rut

What actually makes a project or a company accountable with needs of society? And how the NGO or culture-driven organization could possibly avoid waste of resources and strive to deliver more socially responsible outcomes?

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