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Tafterjournal n. 101 - LUGLIO - AGOSTO 2018

Is culture “the new black” or the “last ideology”?

di Alfonso Casalini

Europe is, nowadays a little weird concept, that assumes, day after day, everchanging Non-Euclidean shapes: Brexit, NGOs, boundaries and immigration are at the top of the Agendas of a Union that would have preferred pursuing objectives such as the “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. In this widespread confusion it seems that Culture should be the new philosopher’s stone or, adopting a more common language it seems that Culture should be the new black. There are no serious public interventions that do not underline, at least once, the role of culture for the development of a town, of a country or of the European Union in its whole. Indeed, according to our policymakers, culture is: a) The key for a new “multicultural” Europe; b) An important economic sector that could prompt the development of backbones territories;  c) The next new-thing of financial market and, finally,  d) The real answer to both the immigration challenge and the brain drain phenomenon.  There are no doubts that culture could play an important role in all these processes but a more realistic framework is needed.

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Communication, Mediation and Culture in the Making of Europe

di Francesca Quadrelli

What is the role of media and communication in European Union integration? Is it the “making of Europe” in danger because of the EU institutions incapacity to communicate with its citizens? Does – and should – exist a European public sphere? And what about the role of culture? Should Europe deal with it?

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