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Tafterjournal n. 86 - GENNAIO FEBBRAIO 2016

A Babel for Children

di Maria Di Bello

Reflection moves from the analysis on today’s relations between the art field and science. The dialogue between the two cultures, focused on reciprocity and the plurality of explanatory codes, it tries the emergence of a third culture, founded on knowledge consilience. The epistemological premise on the discussion of the person’s development is enriched by contributions of neuroaesthetics and psychoneuroimmunology. The latest scientific fact highlights how exposure to an “enriched environment” prenatally determine the trajectories of the individual and influences the development of those skills and adaptive behavior needed to have a healthy psychological growth. The art and cultural participation, essential cofactors of this enrichment, rise to powerful motor of modulation of the epigenesis of behavior and embryological processes of maturation. Recent disquisition on the perception of the nature dichotomous of aesthetic object guides us in understanding how is essential to our becoming intentional culture subjects experiencing art since the early stages of life . The interaction between art and science is currently experiencing its environmental enrichment, thanks to the contribution of the cultural industries that not only are interpreters of this interaction, but also a vehicle for new motives of investigation and knowledge.

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Tafterjournal n. 66 - dicembre 2013

The Art of Augmenting Reality

di Arthur Clay e Monika Rut

Over the last few years, we have been witness to the emergence of the use of the virtual in public space. The manifestation of the virtual and the interplay of it with the real are changing the concept of public space and the perception of art that is now being presented in it. The integration process of the virtual into the real is also clearly affecting the way in which cultural institutions are now presenting and meditating art, as well as how this process is bringing the demand for new and innovate ways to link the virtual to the real.

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Nails, hammers and green rabbits. The challenge of art-science collaborative projects

di Silvia Casini

The project Arscientia, a new format conceived by two Venetian companies Picapao and Fondaco, aimed at cross-fertilizing art, science and appraise their innovative potential. Thanks to the final award and moments of dialogues on the newest tendencies and scenarios between art and science, young creative people were prompted to believe in their ideas and to learn how to turn them into sustainable business projects.

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Tafterjournal n. 56 - febbraio 2013

Arte e infanzia. L’importanza dell’arte nello sviluppo del bambino

di Elena Bazzanini

Arte e creatività svolgono un ruolo fondamentale nell’ambito dell’evoluzione infantile, tuttavia, per molti versi, entrambe sembrano essere oggetto di scarso interesse da parte delle istituzioni. All’interno dei programmi educativi scolastici, le discipline artistiche appaiono infatti collocate in secondo piano rispetto alle altre e innegabilmente si continua a difendere la presunta preminenza dell’area cerebrale sinistra – quella del raziocinio – rispetto a quella destra – epicentro emozionale e creativo.

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Seeking Wisdom in the Kingdom of Established Labels and Digital Spirits

di Monika Rut

An interview with Hwiemtun, Fred Roland, a Sweat lodge Keeper, intercultural teacher and global traveler.

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Disimparare l’Arte. Manuale di antididattica

di Fabiana Lanfranconi

“Disimparare l’Arte. Manuale di antididattica” è il terzo volume edito da il Mulino di Serena Giordano, artista e docente all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Genova. Un mirabile pamphlet su come le cosiddette istituzioni culturali contribuiscano alla mistificazione, mortificazione e decadimento di quella che in ambito culturale è senz’altro una componente considerevole: l’Arte.

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