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Tafterjournal n. 66 - dicembre 2013

The rise of the unconventional approaches

di Vittoria Azzarita

The complexity of the contemporary world, combined with the social needs of increasing portions of population, puts on the table new issues to address. In a context characterised by high degrees of competitiveness and few stocks of monetary and natural resources, enterprises and cultural organisations, in particular, have to face a growing number of challenges in order to survive. The global society’s state of art points out a huge variety of common weaknesses and structural threats that makes hard to imagine a better future. The current scenario speaks about museums at risk – considering, for example, the case of Detroit Institute of Arts which is very close to sell off its artworks to pay for a city’s general debt -; culture budget cuts from local authorities, which means that arts companies could lose their funding completely; downsizing plans, as it is happening to Bloomberg where the brand of cultural journalism is being shut down or to Australia’s major classical music magazine that may close; crisis in the humanities and social sciences, seen as “luxuries” or “a waste of time” and beaten by scientific faculties.

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Tafterjournal n. 63 - settembre 2013

Cultural responsibility. Small steps to restore anthropology in economic behaviour. Interviews and best practices

di Laura Salvan

Cultural responsibility (CR) links the terms “culture” and “responsibility”. This connection calls for a respectful attitude towards different cultural expressions and intercultural dialogue, in a society characterized by globalization and the spread of knowledge-based economy and cultural and creative industries. CR is linked to Corporate Social Responsibility as cultural development of the individual and communities has to be the primary goal of any economic behaviour. This attitude stimulates the building of an inclusive social context where cultural democracy, equal opportunities to access culture, participation and representation occur for all the individuals.

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