Virginia Palm

I decided to study Political Science and Economics at the University of Stockholm. During my studies, I got the opportunity to make an internship at the Swedish embassy in Bern, Switzerland, during the Swedish EU-presidency (209). In 2006, I was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Japan to represent the Kingdom of Sweden in a two-week long visit to Japan, called “Study-tour of Japan for European Youth”. Once graduating from the University of Stockholm, with a BA in Political Science and Economics, I had no doubt in mind what my next step was to become. The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin was my next destination. The uniqueness of the study-program that the ICD offered was nowhere else to be find. The goal was to get deeper knowledge about how cultures can be used in different ways, in order to solve conflicts and maintain peace in this world, which is exactly what cultural diplomacy, is all about.

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