Manfred J. Holler

He is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Hamburg (Germany), research professor at the Public Choice Research Centre at Turku (Finland), and member of the board of the Center of Conflict Resolution. He is founding editor of the European Journal of Political Economy which he managed 1985-1993. He is also founding editor of Homo Oeconomicus and manages this quarterly journal, with an interruption of three years, since 1983. He serves as assessing editor or board member for various journals such as “The Journal of Mind and Behavior” (since 1980), “Control and Cybernetics” (since 1994), “European Journal of Law and Economics” (since 1989), “NeuroPsychoEconomics” (since 2006), “AUCO Czech Economic Review” (since 2008) and “Games” (since 2009). These positions reflect his areas of research and most of the subjects of his numerous publications.

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