Maria Clara Poggi


Maria Clara Poggi works as a storyboard artist and fashion illustrator for clients such Atelier Ferrè, Mc Cann Erikson and Leo Burnett.

She’s been awarded with the Art Director’s Club (ADC) – International.

After the Art-college and the European Institute of Design (IED, Milan) her passion for drawing and painting became her profession. She’s been working for more than 25 years in Advertising as a freelance visualizer and storyboard artist and, as an illustrator, in the Fashion industry.

She prefers techniques such as watercolor and Indian ink sketch for fresh and immediate fashion illustrations and visuals, while uses acrylics and oil paintings for large canvas and wood-paintings. ​

In the age of computers, of course, she converted herself to the use of digital techniques (Wacom CINTIQ 22”hd), while maintaining a nervous and impressionist hand.



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