Valentina Biletta

Since 1997, Valentina Biletta is involved in creating and managing for kids and children. She is also engaged in realizing workshop for teachers proposing different artistic technique, creative activities through the re-usage of waste materials. Furthermore, she coordinates the artistic printing house “Inchiostro Libero” within the Casa di Reclusione di San Michele di Alessandria.

As author, Valentina Biletta published different books about image education and creative activities. Her last works are “Con le mani nel colore” published by Edizione Sonda (2017), “Animali con occhi d’artista” published by Valentina Edizioni (2016) and “Emozioni a colori” published by Pearson.

She works as illustrator for various Italian publishers such as Feltrinelli, Garzanti, De Agostini, Il Sole24Ore, Lineadaria, Paolo Acco, Terre di Mezzo.

She is involved also in the realization of “artist’s books”, and their works have been exhibited in the Barcelona International Artist’s Books Festival.


le nuvole in bocca 1


Valentina Biletta
Author and Illustrator

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