Alessandra Oricchio

Alessandra Oricchio, alias Gas, is a young neapolitan artist who conferred a first class honours degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in the “New Media Art” discipline, and in the same course she now collaborates as a consulting professor; moreover, she works for a company called “Mediaintegrati” that deals with themes as arts and communications.



Her latest illustrations follow the main features of essential profiles, thin lines and just few colors.
They are created in digital format with a graphics tablet and many computer programs provided from Adobe, with which she also makes both collage-works and paintings.



Most of the times, Gas’s art, finds comfort in feminine shapes, realizing in them a sudden comeback to a conscious and now past, childhood.
It is from the people, from the waves of the ocean, the books read during a cold winter, the music, the Love, that she takes the sparks for her works; and it is from the feelings those sparks generate, that her art is created.




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