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Tafterjournal n. 107 - LUGLIO - AGOSTO 2019

Culture is Complex, and we must have strategies.

di Stefano Monti

There is no doubt that cultural development requires a strategic approach. Worldwide, urban areas are experiencing a process significantly different from the merely expansive path that public administration and private investors have longly prompted over the XX century. Nowadays, growth is not only an economic concern: it is, indeed, the result of different innovation processes related to various aspect of the democratic and the economic life of our Countries. These processes prompt for a new urban planning philosophy where a team of experts should coordinate different topics. Urban planners should take into account cultural, economic, infrastructural, social, and technological instances. Today, the goal in urban and regional planning is to achieve a better quality of life. Such an objective calls us (public administrations, private investors, and experts) in defining growth patterns able at improving the economic conditions of citizens while improving social liveability, social cohesion, and cultural consciousness. With the rise of Cultural and Creative Industries, the cultural sector acquired a central role within the urban planning activities.

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