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Tafterjournal n. 79 - gennaio 2015

The discovery of arts and culture as global communication media. High-visibility experiences in the Italian and international scenario

di Valentina Martino

If the powerful symbolic language related to artistic heritage can be considered the most brilliant intuition by first patrons and sponsors, during the last years the Italian scenario shows a real rush toward high-visibility cultural projects by global corporations, associating their own brands to the major monuments and artistic cities. By means of an explorative approach, the paper points to discuss trends and experiences emerging in the sector, as they highlight new risks but also strategic opportunities for both companies and the territory.

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Fine Art and High Finance. Expert Advice on the Economics of Ownership

di Francesca Quadrelli

Written primarily but not exclusively for art investors, collectors and legal advisers, this book offers an interesting overview of the economic aspect of art ownership and at the same time could be considered a guide for those who want to invest in art.

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TRUST IN BO. A new idea for Italian theatre management

di Anna Caramia e Luca Carboni

Theatre’s needs and, above all, audience awareness, have showed relevant changes in the last few years. What happen to theatres organizations? How do they face society development? How do they deal with crisis?

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