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Communication, Mediation and Culture in the Making of Europe

di Francesca Quadrelli

What is the role of media and communication in European Union integration? Is it the “making of Europe” in danger because of the EU institutions incapacity to communicate with its citizens? Does – and should – exist a European public sphere? And what about the role of culture? Should Europe deal with it?

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What is soft power if anything but Hollywood, MTV, and Mcdonalds?

di Simona Patrizi

Reflections on the political and economic relevance of “soft power” also understood as the level of attractiveness that a country is able to build on the basis of its cultural fruitions. Thus, “soft power” is not only considered in terms of its international connotations but it also refers to the cultural fruitions such as movies or brands. Those build the imaginary of a country, inside and outside its nation’s borders, and they easily circulate internationally at the high speed of the Internet.

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