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Tafterjournal n. 97 - NOVEMBRE DICEMBRE 2017

A Flexible User Centered Design Model for Social Housing Units

di Nilufer Saglar Onay, Ervin Garip e S. Banu Garip

Dwelling is the most important spatial need for everyone and the basic determinant of dwelling is its users. This paper aims to underline the importance of human needs in determining the basic living environment by discussing the design methodology developed for standard social housing units in Istanbul, TOKI Başıbüyük Housing Settlement. The design model is characterized by a flexible expert system that leads to different spatial variations by multi parametric layout generation based on parameters determined by user needs. The spatial variations embrace different interior modules answering to different activity sets concerning the basic activities that take place in living environments. The study also includes the prototyping process of basic modules and the design of an interface that contains the proposed alternatives with their material and cost estimations. The proposal of such a modular system that can be mass customized and mass-produced has the potential to be implied to different existing housing settlements in different geographical contexts. It also gives the possibility to reuse abandoned spaces by donating them with interior solutions that can answer to the needs of different users such as refugees and people who are in emergent need of dwelling. The modules can also be reconfigured and reused according to changing needs and changing users, which can also be economically very sustainable. Insights offered by this work aims to create a value that overcome the specific case as it tries to develop a flexible model that create a variety of interior solutions based on user needs.

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Tafterjournal n. 86 - GENNAIO FEBBRAIO 2016

Poets: Born or Made? About the utility to preserve some doubts

di Elena Granata

Does the prenatal exposure to arts generates love and attitude for the arts? Individuals, that since the very childhood are used to be in harmony with nature, are more incline to become more interested in the environment topics? People living in a sacred context will become religious? Proximity with sciences will generate curiosity […]

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Is the architect an artist? Reconsidering the role of architects

di Clarissa Pelino

Throughout this essay various possible conceptions of art and their relationship with architects’ responsibilities towards the community and their power in the creation of cities, will be considered. And the question on whether an architect is an artist will certainly continue to pose problems.

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