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Street art is the form of art that mostly “reflects” the public space. In our experience urban drawings, posters, stencils, stickers, kitting, road signs and much more tells us of underground stories of cities, of conflict, neglect and oblivion, of visions and futures.

An art that travels through the space, where new clandestine routes traced by migrant artists meet in different and far places. A variety of techniques (paint, acrylic, tempera, pens, paintbrushes and pencils, spray, poster, stencil, adhesives, crochet and more) combined to reinterpret the urban context they belong to and they interact in, communicating through it.

Differently from graffiti, characterised by writings (writing with spray) and tags (signatures and logos), street art is an urban art that is tightly knit to the place it appears in. While this might be the reason why it is welcomed as a tool to regenerate suburban areas, it is also one of the most powerful motors of contemporary urban exploration made of discovery and reinvention of space.

Its expressive strength talks about centres, suburbs, margins and boundaries, while the unutilised surfaces of the cities (walls, barriers, blind walls, abandoned buildings, doors, cisterns, road signs, railings and other) become amplifiers of messages that aim to reconquer the public space.

The objective of the competition is to talk about how this conquest happens, counting on the power of the places and all their possible transformations.

The competition is promoted and coordinated by Mappina – Alternative Map of the Cities in cooperation with 

The competition is promoted and coordinated by Mappina – Alternative Map of the Cities in cooperation with the Tafter Journal and Cacciatori di Street Art  Group.

The images of the competition issue under license open CCbySa – License with Attribution-Share Alike, will be reused by the magazine Tafter Journal and published in the catalog of the initiative.

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