Fausto Montanari

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Fausto Montanari is a freelance illustrator.

After his first specialization as illustrator for children addressed products, He enlarged his interests, becoming even more involved in visual design and visual and video art.

He is concerned about human being, and he found everlasting inspirations in the different behaviors and in the cultural influences.

His work starts from a reflection on reality, the same reality that Montanari elaborates and transforms within a perspective that is on the edge between fantasy and reality.

For his works, he prefers simple forms, and flat colors.

He loves contamination and he is always involved in experimenting new ways and possibilities of expressions. He do it both through the research and through collaborations with other artists, craftsmen and composers.

He realized works for, among others. Sergio Tacchini, Loro Piana, Hp, Elekta kids, Talent Garden, Uber, Credem, Capital Weeks, Hawas Worldwide, BBDO, BETC.




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