Tafterjournal n. 82 - giugno 2015

Dear Readers, Colleagues and Friends,


Rubrica: Editoriali

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From this number, Tafter Journal will enter in a new courage dimension. Even though, for strategic reasons, Monti&Taft will no longer be at the head of the journal, I will continue with pleasure and commitment in sustaining the evaluation activities of scientific contents of our present and future authors.


Who will pick up the torch is Alfonso Casalini, an acute and headstrong researcher who collaborates from several years with Monti&Taft. Casalini will be in the saddle guaranteeing the continuity of the imprinting and of the inner objectives of Tafter Journal, but he will achieve this result by extending in a more international and a wider perspective the research activity.


The future of our sector is in the hands of those women and men who are capable to look beyond the differences among academic disciplines. People who want to create an added value by founding their researches on the concrete needs of our society.


Tafter Journal will continue in focusing on topics related to cultural and territorial development. In addition to the best practices, there will be paid more attention to concrete projects, in order to evaluate the activities of those organizations that have no choice but the innovation to overcome the difficulties and to create a reliable, scalable, and sustainable project over time.


The editorial staff and I will be committed in providing our readers with an original and coherent perspective on ever-wider territories and on more and more interconnected cultures. We will do this by facilitating the debate among all the fields of research that are involved in cultural and territorial development.

I would like to thank all the member of the scientific board and greet the incoming editorial staff.

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