China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013


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This book represents a very interesting collection of reports about the state of the art of the Cultural and Creative Industries in People’s Republic of China. Globally, in spite of the growing importance it plays in the national economy, the cluster of CCIs still faces high difficulties to reach a widespread awareness, and this is in part due to a lack of consensus about what this cluster is and which industries should be taken into account.


As Hardy Yong Yang states in the first chapter of the book, “Cultural Industries are viewed differently all over the world”, and this is just one of the reasons why this book could be a very useful tool to understand the Chinese market.
The book offers an overview of all the sectors included into the CCIs Cluster, according to the PRC perspective, presenting for each of them an in depth view of the policy frameworks. The authors explore pros and cons of the current value chain, fostering further progress to improve the role that CCIs can play in PRC development both inside and outside the national borders.


The editors, Hardy Yong Yang and Patricia Ann Walker, as most of the authors of the book, are involved in teaching and researching activities at the Institute for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Pecking University. Thus, “this set of reports is the first exclusive collective insight into twenty-first century CCIs in PRC to be produced in English from the perception of Chinese Industry researchers”.


Talking about the content structure, the study dedicates an entire chapter to each of the industries that are involved in the CCIs cluster: Film, News and Publishing, Broadcasting and TV, Animation and Games, Online and New Media, Advertising, Fine Arts and Performing Arts.


For each of them the analysis shows data about the development of the sector during the period 2011-2012, and illustrates the main objectives achieved and the main issues every sector is facing nowadays.


In order to guarantee an exhaustive comprehension of the phenomena described into the reports, the first chapter introduce the reader to the main government policies that PRC has been carried on during the past decades, allowing the inexperienced reader to understand the trends that have changed China during the last century. After this needed introduction, progressively the author explains the role and the objectives of the present policy framework to finally analyze to which extent these policies can improve the conditions for a Cultural Development of the PRC into the international stage.


The insights coming from the reading of these reports are essential for those whose labor is principally dedicated to understand the CCIs phenomenon on a global scale as well as for those who want to know the mind-changing process that China is carrying on nowadays, in order to transform the global perception of this far-east giant.


And Yong Yang does perfectly explain it: the mantra is no longer “Made in China” but “Created in China”.


China Cultural and Creative Industries Report 2013
Hardy Yong Yang and Patricia Ann Walker (edited by)
Springer Edition, 2014
€ 83.29

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